Can you pass the RAF Gunner Selection Course.

RAF pre training test
RAF pre training test
RAF pre training test


Workout Length: 10:30
Improves: Pride
Equipment Required: A treadmill.
Submitted by: James Ellison



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You will know inside, you have what it takes to potentially join the RAF Regiment Gunners


You have to run, fast, on a treadmill.

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Here’s a little test for all.  Can you pass the RAF Regiment Gunner Pre-Joining Fitness Test?  This is not the test to get in obviously, but a test to see if you can actually apply.

RAF Regiment Gunners carry out combat operations all over the world.  Therefore they need to be very fit, so their specialised pre-joining fitness test is designed accordingly.

The question is can you pass?  If so how easy was it, if not, how hard was it?  Feel free to post your times below.

The Test

To pass you will need to meet the following, it is very simple :

Run 2.4km (1.5 miles) in under 10 mins 30 seconds on a treadmill. Then perform 20 press-ups and 30 sit-ups (That’s the easy bit)

Obviously a lot of people like myself will find the press-ups and sit-ups very easy, it’s the run which is a problem!  Hmmmm 1.5 mile, yes, a piece of cake with no time frame but doing it in 10:30 well, you need to run, fast.

Lets give it a go, please feel free to post your times below, I will be doing this next time I am in the gym.


James is a NASM personal trainer living in Derby who loves to use his martial arts experience to help people to get fit, strong and achieve their goals. Based in the Midlands James started boxing as a child, moved on to Thai boxing during his teens and now in his (early) 30's loves to mix it all up with MMA. His ambition is to build his own cob house in the mountains where he can train, climb and generally just mess about.



    Well, after a couple of weeks of run training, especially for this, I have finally got it under 10.30. Hey, I might join.

    How did you get on?

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