Posted July 21, 2012 by Shannon in Health

Who Should Use A Low Carb Diet?


If you’re someone who’s looking to get leaner and shed that excess body fat that’s crept on over time, you might be considering a low carb diet.

It’s no secret that hundreds of people are regularly seeing success on such an approach.  You hear about low carb diets on a seemingly daily basis.  It appears as though everyone is on some form of low carb diet or another.

But is it really a must to see weight loss success?

The truth of the matter is that low carb diets are not a necessity to see weight loss results.  You can just as easily lose weight on a more moderate carb approach if you’re smart with your food goosenorge
selection and make sure that you monitor your calorie intake.

But, there are a select group of people who will tend to benefit more from lower carb diet approaches, so if you find yourself in this category, it is something that you should think about.

Let’s take a closer look at who is best suited to the low carb diet plan.

You Aren’t Performing Intense Workouts

The very first individual who will benefit from using a lower carb approach is someone who isn’t performing a great deal of intense workout sessions.

Intense exercise is going to demand that glucose is present in the blood as it is necessary to fuel those intense muscle contractions.

If you attempt a low carb diet while doing these intense workout sessions, your performance will falter and you will burnout incredibly quickly.

If you’re just doing moderate paced sessions – mostly cardio with the odd full body weight workout added in, then you likely will sustain this level of activity fine with a lower carb approach.

Hunger Is An Issue

The second individual who is well suited to a lower carb diet plan is someone who tends to battle with hunger quite frequently.  Low carb diets by nature do tend to decrease hunger levelsCanada Goose Dame because they cause a lower level of insulin release in the body which decreases the risk that you experience a blood sugar crash at any point in time.

Plus, protein and fat rich foods digest much more slowly in the body, so this also proves to be beneficial from a hunger point of view as well.

If you find that you often fall off your diet plan because you are so hungry, the low carb diet will help you get past this problem.

You Prefer Fat-Rich Foods

Another clear indication that a low carb diet would be a smart move for you is if you prefer fat-rich foods.  If you’d rather feast on peanut butter over cereal or eat a handful of nuts over some crackers, then you’d likely find you enjoy a lower carb diet more, so it will be easier to stick with.

You can never discount food preferences when choosing a diet because sticking with that diet is so important for success. If you can’t stick with it, it doesn’t matter how good the diet is, you won’t be seeing results.

You Feel Sleepy After A High Carb Meal

Finally, the last sign that you should consider a lower carb diet is if you find you feel very sleepy and sluggish after a high carb meal.  If this is how you feel, you likely have poor insulin sensitivity, so you’ll feel better using a lower carb, higher fat approach.

This tends to be somewhat genetic in nature and is also impacted by factors such as your lifestyle, your current body fat level, and your activity level.

Different people react differently to various foods, so pinpointing which foods you feel best eating is vital.

So there you have a brief checklist to run through with yourself to help determine which diet is going to get you the results you desire.  Make sure that you take all of these into account before rushing off to use the next low carb diet you come across.