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    Well Week 5 2014 I finally joined a Gym. Found a good rough and ready one for just 600 CHF a year (unbelievable – cheaper than in UK) – AT this price its in the industrial Zone but actually no meatheads.

    THe nice instructor girl gave me an induction and a programme- ive been twice a week for 8 weeks now, and am well getting into it (programme below).

    First impressions, what is it with those guys who go on the Bike – and just peddle at lowest speed possible for an hour!!!! Theres even one geezer who actually READS A MAGAZINE whilst peddling at low speeds – just being at the gym isnt enough – you gotta work to benefit.

    One other thing, is people who drape their towel over the bench press so that no-one else can use it whilst they do their other shoulderpress preambles. Often, when this happens I have to skip the shoulder press and usually have 3 or 4 other exercises completed (3 x 12 reps) by the time they have finished.

    Ive also noticed also that allot of people do their 10 reps – then just lie their on the machine for 20 minutes before the next 10 – I say In and Out of the gym in 1 hour – bang! bang! bang!

    Heres my schedule, id appreciate any feedback, what should I be working on next?
    Also, what exercises would be good to test different muscles on different days alongside this? also, is it even worth protein shakes with these numbers?

    My favourite so far is the hyperextentions – no other pain feels so good!

    Run 1Km in 8 minutes
    Bench Press 30Kg
    One similar to bench press where you sit up (Schragbankdrucken) 20Kg
    Cable pull (Kabelzug Rudern) 35Kg
    One where you pull down for laterals I think (Latziehen zur brust) 25Kg
    SHoulder press 15 Kg
    cable pull up 25Kg
    cable pull down (triceps?) 25Kg
    Leg machine (Beinpresse) 60Kg
    Situps 3×12
    one where you hold bars and move legs up to do abdonimal muscles 3 x 12
    Hyperextensions 3 x 10

    I got a spreadsheet set up and everything to monitor performance and I hope to increase weights considerably through the year.



    Hi Objective,

    Welcome to the forums.

    Glad you have found a good gym and getting into it.

    Ha, you’re right about the lazy types. Get in, get out is my motto and work as hard as you can in as little time, oh and you will always get idiots in gyms I suppose, just ignore them.

    Id say initially you should increase the 2 times per week. Also, what is it exactly you want to achieve?

    Remember anything is better than nothing.

    Take it easy

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