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Posted August 9, 2014 by

The following are some great quotes from various people in the health and fitness/sporting world that can help people stay on the right track with their own fitness goals.

1.”You can’t improve what you don’t measure” – if you don’t record your training in the gym or monitor weight gain / weight loss / calorie intake etc… How do you expect to maximize your own results? You are basically training blind and leaving too much to chance and a good memory. If you record things you can then adjust and reassess to get optimal results.

2.”Don’t major in the minor” – many people worry about shit that doesn’t really matter and they are very often left in a state of paralysis. Rather than worrying about stuff you can’t do, think about the stuff you can do. Don’t be one of those people who concerns yourself with the irrelevant shit when you could be getting better at the important stuff. I see this with people who have injuries, they worry because they can’t train their chest so they leave training all together rather than doing everything else they CAN do !!

3.”You need to get comfortable being uncomfortable” – the first time you have a loaded barbell on your back it will feeling very uncomfortable… By the 30th time the same feeling will be nothing. Training and very often eating healthy is not always the easy thing or comfortable choice but anything worth having requires dedication and sacrifice. People need to learn that the best exercises are very often the most uncomfortable ones

4.”Do not put fitness on top of dysfunction” – if you add weight to bad technique or to a imbalance in your body you will either get injured or create long term issues that will hinder your training. The key point is get better at an exercise before you make it harder or indeed clear up any issues you might before you add load to an exercise.

5.”If it doesn’t look athletic it’s probably not athletic” – if you jump onto a box and you land like an elephant and fall over every time you do it then chances are this is not how it should be. Movement should look smooth and athletic if it is done properly so if you are all over the place then it is time to look at your technique and regress .

6.”The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a persons determination” – many people are put off from failure and simply give up after a few attempts. The winners in life embrace fucking up and have a hunger to conquer what currently feels impossible. The more you try the easier a task generally gets and the more you analyse your mistakes the more answers you generally find.

7.”Practice does not make perfect only perfect practice makes perfect” – if you practice with bad technique then guess what? You will get very good at being very shit! This is why good coaching is important, it will save you many hours un-teaching yourself incorrect movement patterns. It will also save you from getting injured and you will get better results faster.

8.”Once you learn to quit it becomes a habit” – once you start to get tired or uncomfortable and you think sod it and quit you are heading for a slippery slope. This is a big one for people who train by themselves as no one is watching them so they can quit knowing no one will say anything. You owe it to yourself to never give up as bad habits can become a big issue and carry over into other areas of your life. Be a person that is accountable to yourself and you will do well in most areas of your life, not just the gym.

9.”The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra” – people who become GREAT at something are generally the ones who are prepared to do that little bit extra to practice something more or the ones who will seek expert help to improve.

10.”If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you” – once we get good at something we should not simply bask in our own glory but we should challenge ourselves with more demanding exercises and increased intensity. Our body will eventually adapt to a given task or load so to keep improving we must keep increasing the demands upon our body.

11.”To do everything at once you have to be lousy at everything, to be great you have to focus on a few things”  Most of us can barely handle more than one – we all know people in the gym who change their exercises every session or who change goals every week. If these people concentrated on a few things only they would see big improvements. Strength training is a skill and like all skills it must be rehearsed before we can get better.

I hope you enjoyed my take on some of these little one-liners.  Stay Strong.

Paul O'Brien

Paul O'Brien
My passion is health and fitness and I am lucky enough to have a job that is my passion. I train people to get fitter, stronger, improve body composition and also to bulletproof their body from any potential injuries by working on improving core strength, mobility/flexibility and soft tissue work . I am committed to continually improve my knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning and have learned from many of the best strength and conditioning coaches in the world. I aim to set examples to my own clients by practising what I preach and and after 18 years of serious training I am always still looking to improve.”


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