Posted July 21, 2012 by Shannon in Nutrition

Diet Destroying Snacks To Watch Out For


Looking to lose weight? Or perhaps you want to improve your performance?

Whatever the case, one thing that you will likely be doing is snacking throughout the pay someone to do essay day.

Snacks are a great way to stay energized and to help keep your blood sugar levels stabilized between the meals that you’re eating.

But, if you choose incorrectly, snacks can do much more harm than good to your diet plan.

So, which snacks should you be on the lookout for? Which snacks should you avoid if you hope to see long-term success?

Let’s look at the top snacks that will only cause problems for your body weight and lead you to frustration with your progress.

Cereal Bars

The first snack food to avoid is cereal bars.  While these might seem like a fast and easy option on the go, they aren’t.  The problem here is that these cereal bars contain very little protein, very little healthy fats, and a whole lot of processed carbs.

For you, someone who wants to sustain your energy levels and tide over hunger, these bars will do anything but.

They’ll just cause a blood sugar spike followed by crash, leaving you on the hunt for more food.

Fruit Flavored Yogurt

The second snack that you need to avoid at all costs is fruit flavored yogurt.  While some varieties of yogurt can be an excellent way to get more protein into your day, most yogurt varieties that have been sweetened with ‘fruit’ contain too much sugar.

They’ll also be much lower in protein content than say Greek yogurt would, so won’t fill any nutritional voids.

Make your own fruit flavored yogurt instead by combining some real fruit with some Greek yogurt. That will provide fiber, protein, and be lower in added sugars.

Snack Packs

The next snack that can do some serious destruction to your diet plan are those 100 calorie snack packs.  You see that they’re only 100 calories and think this is a great option.  After all, what’s 100 calories?

But what you need to ask yourself is what is this 100 calories doing for you? Is it offering any nutritional benefit? Will it help to calm your hunger pains or just make them worse?

Will it fuel those intense workouts you have scheduled?

The answer to these is no, no, no.  These snack packs are really just portion controlled junk food.

If you want to succeed on your diet, all junk food should be reduced – snack packs included.

Protein Bars

Finally, the last snack that you need to be very careful about adding to your diet is protein bars.  Many people think that these will be a healthy addition to their day since they do contain protein and while this is true, they contain a lot more.

Many of these protein bars are actually higher in calories than your average chocolate bar and will also contain a high dose of sugar as well.

For both of these reasons, you’re really better off avoiding them. A protein shake with a piece of fruit would be a far smarter option.

So there you have the main snacks that you need to work on removing from your diet plan if you hope to see the success you’re after.  If you can focus on natural, wholesome foods instead, you’ll fare far better.