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Cycling and its health benefits

road bike
road bike

Cycling is one of the fastest growing mass participation sports in the UK, enjoying a particular boom in popularity in the wake of London 2012 and Team GB’s sustained success in international competition.

A really fun activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family, cycling also has the added advantage of being a fantastic workout, with a host of long-term health benefits.

Lessen the risk of heart problems

With heart disease being the leading cause of death in the UK and worldwide, as an aerobic exercise, cycling is proven to minimise the risk of coronary heart disease, giving your heart, blood vessels and lungs a steady workout and in-turn lessening the risk of heart problems. Bike accessories now include cycle computers with heart rate monitors that record your most essential workout data as you ride.

Furthermore, with obesity being a growing health concern in the UK, leading to a growing number of preventable deaths, cycling can prove incredibly beneficial in managing your weight and trimming your bulging waistline. It can also boost metabolism levels, potentially speeding up your rate of weight loss.

If you’re looking to get into shape, cycling just a few miles per day will lead to trimmer and more toned thigh, backside and calf muscles.  It will improve overall levels of fitness, allowing you to breathe deeper and also ensuring a control in your level of blood pressure.

Alleviate stress and anxiety

Do you find yourself tiring quickly after minimal activity? Cycling can really assist in building up your stamina, allowing you to carry out regular day-to-day tasks more efficiently.

The benefits aren’t simply physical either.

Simply the pleasure and satisfaction gained from riding in the open air can help alleviate stress, anxiety and levels of depression.

As a complete leisure activity, cycling can provide you with more time with friends, and also is a great opportunity to meet new people and discover new places.

So no matter what your age, size or gender, consider taking up cycling as a hobby. Whether it’s to boost your fitness, health, or simply as an environmental choice, taking up cycling will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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