Posted July 21, 2012 by Shannon in Workouts

4 Intensity Enhancement Tips For Your Workout Session.


As you go about your workout sessions, one thing that you must be doing if you want to see continual improvement is looking for little ways that you can boost the intensity and force your muscles to work harder.

If you aren’t continually providing an overloading stimulus to the muscle cells, you’re going to find that you just aren’t progressing as you had hoped.

The body will adapt to the current challenges you’re placing upon it and as such, will stop making improvements.

Fortunately, adding extra intensity to your workout sessions isn’t all that difficult if you know a few quick tricks.  Take note that you shouldn’t attempt these all at once, but rather add just one or two in at a time.

Let’s take a quick look at what you should consider.

Utilize Supersets

The very first way to increase the intensity of your session is to utilize superset training.  Superset training is where you take two exercises and pair them immediately back to back with no rest in between.

As you do so, you’ll force your muscles to perform more work in less time, thus increasing the intensity of the session.

Superset training is also ideal for those seeking fat loss as it’s a great way to boost the rate of calories you burn after the workout is completed.

Try Drop Sets

Second, the next way to enhance the workout is to perform drop sets.  Drop sets will be where you perform one set of an exercise at your usual weight and then immediately after that is finished, move directly into another set after decreasing the weight by five to ten pounds.

Once that second set is completed, then you’ll want to decrease the weight a third time, lowering it by another 5-10 pounds.

This final set will bring about a high state of fatigue, so do expect that you may not hit the intended rep range – have patience with yourself and work towards it.  Give it your full effort and you’ll be making progress.

Shorten Your Rest Period

The second method that you can use to boost the intensity of your workout session is to shorten the rest periods that you’re using. If you typically wait around for a minute or so between sets, you can shorten this back to just 30 seconds.  The shorter rest period will bring about an overall state of higher fatigue in the muscles, which you’ll then be required to push through.

Shorter rest periods are one of the best ways to boost your heart rate as well, providing a nice cardiovascular workout at the same time.

Pre-Fatigue Smaller Muscle Groups

Finally, the last way to enhance the intensity of your workouts so that you see faster results is to use the pre-fatigue concept. What this entails is tiring out one of the smaller, assistant muscle groups for your main compound lift.

In doing so, you’re going to force that major muscle group to do more work, making sure that you are specifically targeting it as you should.

Pre-fatiguing works great when you’re trying to bring up a lagging muscle group and just can’t seem to increase the weight on it.

When you go back to your straight sets once again, you should find that you’re much stronger.

So next time you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and need something to push you through it, consider these options.  Each one will help you take your fitness level up a notch.